The Terms and Conditions that are described below are intended to regulate the use to carry out the people who enter the Internet site , Hereinafter "the Site", owned by ALABAK S.A. , , with home in Dr. Nicolas Repetto 1811, of the City Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Any person who use of the services provided by the site is pan automatically and unfailing within the nature of User, and should therefore assume all responsibilities that imposes character, which are described below.



Content Mean anyone document digital html format, gif, jpg, pdf, rm, mp3, mp2, mov, and any one which is used to allow access to information and services on the card Discount Argentina.

Frames mean the division of the screen of the program of viewing web pages in two or more tables in order to show contents of two or more web sites simultaneously and/or to show another site within a window or framework

Links mean any link done since the Sites to another web site and vice versa, either html, shtml, asp, or flash, not being this list exhaustive and may extend to any means capable of linking digital content.

Services The society off DAR-Discount Argentina aims at the issuance of a card through which the acquirers enjoy services, benefits and discounts granted by the business and/or companies to accede to the system Discount Argentina. The buyers of the same and the shops and businesses adherents , will be identified as users of the system. The specific service to provide from the web page, is the right to users and businesses and shops taking part in access to all the information to advertise in relation to the card Discount Argentina, (brochures, maps, promotions, etc) and to acquire and subscribe by users , shops and businesses, the cards, and the respective contracts and all those services in the future might offer and/or promote the card Discount Argentina

User mean any person who accesses and browse and/or use the e-mails published on the site



3.1.- Free Access

Access to information provided by the site is free of charge, for all purchasers of the card as well, also for the business and/or companies attached to give

The User must, in certain and certain cases, register to enjoy the benefits of those Services that Discount Argentina expressly determined. This free not be extended in any case to the use of other services and/or products of Discount Argentina and/or Third Parties whose use and enjoyment is conditional upon payment of a price on the part of the User. In that case, it will be required the subscription of the contract, in which the contracting parties trade terms applicable.

3.2.- Acceptable Use

The User must use all the elements and means available to them on the site by Discount Argentina in a whole in accordance with the laws, regulations and governmental force and applicable, as well as with the present Terms and Conditions of Use, the instructions and other announcements to be published on the site and to have as an objective to provide users with guidance on how to proceed and use the services and/or products here offered and/or promoted.

That is why the User shall not use the services and/or products for any purpose; illicit or who are prohibited in these Terms and Conditions of Use; or that might damage or diminishing the rights and interests of third; or that of any form may harm or prevent the free and normal use of the services and/or Contents of Discount Argentina, other Users and/or of any Internet user.


3.3.- Obtaining Information


The User is not entitled to use any Content of the site, but by means of the contract referred to in paragraph 3.1 of this, and will be responsible for violations of rights of third parties, the Site and of Discount Argentina, and will be obliged to compensate the victims of the damage that the aforementioned violations occur.


Also, the User may not be nor should obtain data stored on the site with advertising purposes or send advertising and/or communications of any kind for commercial purposes to the other Users, without Discount Argentina has authorized a previous and expresses. Neither the User may not be made available to third parties, for any purpose, data obtained from the lists of distribution implemented, proportionate and/or promoted by the Sites.


3.4.- Implementation of Links

The User may implement Links between its Internet site and the Site, in order to inform other persons of the services provided to the Site. This authorization governed provided that: (a) will establish a Link text or used images fitted to the effect by Discount Argentina and that the aforementioned Link is directed solely and exclusively to the home page of the site ; And (b) do not recur in any way the Contents of the site, or establish Frames on the pages on the web site.

The User may not hold demonstrations or false indications, inaccurate or incorrect on the site, on Services there promoted, nor on Discount Argentina and/or Third, nor may testify or to imply that Discount Argentina has authorized, supervised or assumed the responsibility of any form by the content or services offered or made available by the web page that has been established the Link.

This authorization to implement a Link between a page on the Internet and the Sites does not constitute, means, create or matter any kind of society, association or any other type of link or commercial relationship between the owner of the page on the Internet in which it implements the aforementioned Link and Discount Argentina.


4.1. Continuity and Availability of Services

Discount Argentina does not guarantee in any way the permanent availability or unqualified user access to its Site or to the services offered, as well as neither ensures that its use is necessary, useful and/or beneficial to develop any activity. Discount Argentina take all measures necessary to enable the proper functioning, access and use of the site and its services.


4.2. Security and Privacy

Discount Argentina take all precautions technicians at its disposal to prevent unauthorized third parties take cognizance of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that users make their sites and their services. However, Discount Argentina does not guarantee in any way the safety and privacy of the user in the use of the Site or the services offered. In particular, does not guarantee that third parties outside the Site and/or Discount Argentina will be unable to have knowledge of the above information.

4.3. Virus

Discount Argentina take all the collections at its disposal to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate any possible infection, spread and/or transmission of viruses in all its forms and versions in the Contents of their Sites. However, Discount Argentina does not guarantee in any way the absence of viruses or other elements in the Content that might produce alterations in the computer system of the User, either in the software or hardware, or in the electronic documents and documents stored in the computer system of the Sites. In case the User receives a virus by any means relating to the Services, must inform immediately to Discount Argentina for its intervention and correction 

4.4. License

Discount Argentina gives the user, (acquirers of cards and shops and businesses adhered to the system Discount Argentina) a free license to use of the content and services distributed in the Sites solely to the purposes of use and enjoyment of the content and services, provided and when the User respects these Terms and Conditions of Use and by the time Discount Argentina it deems necessary.


All trademarks, patents, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind or type referring to the society…or to the client Discount Argentina, which appear on the site are owned by Discount Argentina, without which can be understood that the use or access to the Site, services and/or to the Content give the User right and/or any license on the trademarks, patents, trade names and/or distinctive signs stored there.


Discount Argentina is empowered to suspend indefinitely and/or to conclude with the provision of services and Content offered in your site at the time and place who believes that he should, without this suspension and/or conclusion grant the Users any right to claim judicial and/or extrajudicially any compensation.


Discount Argentina whenever it is desirable and feasible advance to the Users decision before exposed


Discount Argentina will have the power to restrict, suspend and/or prohibit access to your site for those users who have worked in contradiction with the Terms and Conditions of Use here detailed, with the moral and good habits, and/or violated any provision, regulation and/or legislation applicable to Services and Content offered, published and advertised on the site. This determination does not require prior notification to the User in question, nor granted to the said User any right to claim a Discount Argentina by the damages that the decision it would cause.

7.- Notifications

On the assumption that a User finds, he learns or affected their rights by the proceed incorrect another User on the site of Discount Argentina, in violation of the established by the present Terms and Conditions of Use, the moral and good habits and the applicable law, must notify immediately to give by sending an e-mail to the following address:

In that e-mail should specify clearly and precisely their personal data, the generator of the wrongdoer, the facts and circumstances that considers harmful to their person and all other data to facilitate a Discount Argentina takes a decision

Also, if the User desires communicate with Discount Argentina in order to make suggestions, evacuating their doubts about the scope of the present Terms and Conditions of Use or has any other concern, you can do sending an e-mail to



The present Terms and Conditions of Use are governed in each and every one of its clauses by the laws of the Republic of Argentina, with the parties affected go to the ordinary courts of the City Autonoma de Buenos Aires in order to resolve any dispute that has not been settled amicably, so the user and Discount Argentina renounce in expressly to any other jurisdiction and jurisdiction that they may correspond.


Terms and Conditions of use, benefict, general:

Benefit valid only for the DAR Discount Argentina carholder, by showing of the card and valid ID/Passport. The aforementioned benefits are not accumulated between or with other promotions The  card holder declares to  know and accept the terms and conditions of the catalog and web site. The benefits contained in the printed catalog could be changed. The gifts are without additional charge to the cost of the card and subject to availability, regulations specified for each and exclusive responsibility of the companies and/or trademarks that committed the benefits contractually and their respective force with Discount Argentina. Check validity of benefits published and updated on . The card is non-transferable and should contain all the details of the holder at the back, the expiry date  and be shown with an identification ID or Passport



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