Cepas de Salta

2 x 1 in Barbeque.

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Address: Magallanes 874 - Caminito, La Boca - Buenos Aires

Web: www.cepasdesalta.com.ar

E-mail: cepasdesalta@gmail.com

Phone: (011) 4301- 8011 (reservation)

Open from Monday to Sunday, from 11.30 AM to 6 PM.

Restaurant offering regional cuisine Salta, high wines, international cuisine, grill and charcoal grill. Housed in a historic tenement of La Boca, 1890 declared historical heritage. It has internal courtyard with deck, lounge and sidewalk, with a capacity of 120 covered.

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Descuento: 20 %
Zona: La Boca
Rubro: Argentinian Food
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