Nacional Resto

 Glass of Champagne + Wine Tasting + Food Tasting (*) or 1 Dinner or Lunch (**)

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Peru 858 - San Telmo - Buenos Aires - Open Tuesday to Friday and Sunday from 10:00 to 2:00 - Saturday from 17:00 pm a 2:00 am - Monday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm (closed night)

Phone: (011) 4300-2887 / 1133


Smoking Zone.

The best ideas from our international Chef in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood. Enjoy the best dishes accompanied by the most selected wines of our underground cava. Check for shows and events surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and good music.

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Benefits' conditions:

(*) From March 2009.

(**) Excludes drinks, dessert and table service, only the plate free of charge (on 3-course choice menu Standard ¨DAR¨ NOT GIVE THE LETTER)

Accessing the Gift without charge or obligation to purchase, is entitled to enjoy the discount. applicable to total addiction. Valid from Tuesday to Sunday from 18hs.

Benefit Valid for cardholder DAR proper credentials and full details overleaf. Profit earned GIFT rate of 1 per person / owner DAR. The rest of the consumption / person must pay the list price. The owner may choose one of three gifts at once, unable to repeat his benefit or requesting the other two.

Descuento: 10 %
Zona: San Telmo
Rubro: World Food
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