Free Rent Cel Phone for two weeks or unlimited time (*)

U$s 1.- x min of telephone communication – Between 15% and 30% in Modem subscription (**)


  • Aerop Internacional de Ezeiza - Hall de Arribos Internacionales
    Open Monday to Sunday from 7:00AM a 10:00PM.
    (011) 4575-1760/1

  • Pasaje Ricardo Rojas 401 piso 11 - Capital Federal
    Open Monday to Friday from 8:30AM a 6:30PM
    Tel: (011) 4311-3500

Phone: +54 9 11 5110-0671/2 - 24 hours


E-mail: -

Be in touch more than ever. Best cellular and Wireless Modem rentals with the latest technology and the best rates. Portable Equipment  small sizes and high-speed of transfer - quick and easy pick up at home free of charge - advance reservations free of charge - personalized assistance during 24/7 -Itemized billing free of charge - direct dialling National and International - voicemail - Pack of accessories free of charge - No minimum calls required – Insurance for robbery or loss, optional.

The Best Discount Travel Card


Benefits' conditions:

(*)Free of charge in rental for two (2) weeks maximum. Benefit without obligation to buy, After the two (2) weeks a daily charge will be applied for each additional day. Modem and telephony integrated: Renting the Modem in any of its 3 modalities, and enjoy the basic benefit given, will be improve unlimited in time the amount for rental of cellular.

(**) Selection of a single destination in the world, at the cardholder´s choice  to make a call at a reduced cost to such destination. The cost agreed will be u$s 1.- per minute + time of air. For other communications and/or destinations regular fees will apply. Wireless modem: 15% 20% and 30 per cent discount rate from price list for the daily, weekly or monthly rental respectively. With the payment of appropriate credit, there is no limit of downs, use or consumption, all values including Tax. Nolitel reserves the right to change their price list and communicate it  timely, always applying the benefit basis agreed. Signed of credit card slips will be required as  a guarantee in concept of possible consumption. Not valid for prebooked packages and/or  reservations made by third parties or sightseeing tours.

Descuento: 30 %
Zona: Aeropuerto Ezeiza
Rubro: Cel phone
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