Eating in Buenos Aires

Local dining is famous for the quantity and quality of meat offered, but visitors may chose from a wide variety of regional dishes and cuisine influenced by the immigrants who settled here from across Europe and Asia.

Drinks dictionary

Here some words in Spanish with an explanation for you to know the meaning and details of each product. Bebidas/Drinks

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Argentinian Wines: Mendoza and Salta

It is well known that wine production started millions of years ago. Not casually may be that Egyptians produced wines by techniques we still use today. They exported wines, too. Extrictedly labeled. In Egypt, wine production (just as Honey production) was a royalty matter. The best wines were meant for the faraon and his family. Common people consumed the lowest quality of wine.

Resting in Chascomús at the lake's shore

With DAR Discount Argentina you can visit the Laguna de Chascomús (Chascomús Lake) and spend a free night in one of the most beautiful hotel (country house) around.
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