Tango dance

Tango is a dance. Tango is passion, sensual, elegant and pure feeling.

Erotic and passionate, haunting and melancholic, it involves not only the body but also the soul. It takes two to Tango.

Tango has captured the popular imagination for over one hundred years to become at the end of the twentieth century, no less than an international cult.

Tango soon began to gain popularity in Europe, beginning in France. Superstar Carlos Gardel soon became a sex symbol who brought the tango to new audiences, especially in the United States, due to his sensual depictions of the dance on film. In the 1920s, tango moved out of the lower-class brothels and became a more respectable form of music and dance.

The later age of tango has been dominated by Ástor Piazzolla, whose Adiós nonino became the most influential work of tango since Carlos Gardel's El día que me quieras was released. During the 1950s, Piazzolla consciously tried to create a more academic form with new sounds breaking the classic forms of tango, earning the derision of purists and old-time performers. The 1970s saw Buenos Aires developing a fusion of jazz and tango.

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